Musicians who are looking for a way to convert VHS to DVD can use our guide to find out how they can do things cost-effectively. Many of us, whether musicians or not have a collection of VHS tapes that can no longer be viewed because we simply do not have a working VCR player. With technology evolving quickly, it is best to convert your valuable tapes before they’re lost or damaged permanently. The process of converting tapes into DVDs is actually quite simple. And if you don’t mind paying the extra money, you can use a reputable VHS to DVD service to do all the converting for you.

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The Easy Way to Convert VHS to DVD

The easiest way to convert VHS to DVD is by using a reputable company. There are plenty of options available and most companies offer other alternatives such as memory stick and cloud backup. If you have lots of tapes then you should use converting services. Do not worry, they offer competitive rates and packages with discounts for those who have more than a few tapes. Although you will end up paying a little extra you can rest assured that the conversion is done using high quality technology and the outcome will be great.

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How to Convert VHS to DVD At Home

If you want to convert VHS to DVD, you need a cable which connects between your VHS recorder or camcorder to your DVD player or computer through an RCA or S-video connection. Once you’ve got it and everything is connected, all you need to do is follow a few very simple steps to get your digital video recordings converted to DVD. If your recorder or camcorder doesn’t already have built-in VHS to DVD conversion software, then you’ll need to get one. There are plenty of excellent and affordable programs out there, and they’re absolutely free to download and use! Simply fire up your trusty web browser and start surfing the internet for sites that offer these types of applications.

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Final Thoughts

Although VHS to DVD converting can be done at home, it is important to use the right equipment and cables. If you are unsure about anything, you have to make sure you know the answers before you start converting. If you make a mistake, your footage can be easily wiped out, damaged or get lost permanently. Take a little time to ensure that you are absolutely clued up about every step and make sure to follow them correctly. Those of you who have many tapes to convert should not use the VCR and DVD player method. That is because this method captures and converts videotapes in real time. It can take a long time to get all the tapes transferred to DVDs.