If you love music and want to learn more about it, you may be interested in becoming a singing teacher. However, this is not an easy career path.

Singing teachers in Glasgow must have a thorough understanding of the voice. This is achieved by studying voice physiology, proper breathing techniques and correct vocal training.


If you’re considering becoming a singing teacher, it’s important to consider your own qualifications. Some teachers come to teaching with little formal training and instead rely on their extensive experience as singers or musicians.

Some singing teachers work at music colleges or conservatoires where they must follow a specific pathway before they can apply for a job. Others teach singing privately or in small groups to individuals with varied levels of experience and vocal skill.

While no particular qualifications are required to be a singing teacher, it is important to have an understanding of Voice Pedagogy and a strong knowledge of how to help students maintain vocal health through appropriate warm-ups, breathing exercises and singing techniques.


As with any teaching career, experience is a critical component of becoming a singing teacher. The right experience will make it easier to find students and to give them the attention they need to succeed.

Typically, singing teachers work in public schools or private music schools. They may also provide peripatetic lessons for individual musicians or singers working in the music industry.

Some singing teachers have formal training, while others rely on their experience as performers. This may include decades of stage experience in recitals, operas, and musical theatre.

Vocal Technique

Vocal technique is the ability to control the various parts of the voice that affect tone and voicing. This can include breath, phonation, resonation and articulation.

A singing teacher needs good vocal technique in order to teach their students. This is especially important when it comes to correcting faults that might occur in a student’s voice.

It is also essential for a singing teacher to have good ears so that they can hear and diagnose problems with a student’s voice quickly. This will help the instructor determine the best exercises and corrections for that particular voice type.


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A singing teacher must have knowledge about vocal anatomy and be able to convey that in a clear and understandable way to their students. If a student does not have the correct understanding of how vocal technique works, they can easily develop technical problems that will limit their artistry.