Hip hop history has been one of the most important influences on today’s culture. Thanks to the music of such artists as Jay Z, Nas, and Big Daddy Kane, we are familiar with urban lifestyles and the slang used by African Americans in their daily life. Although some people may criticize hip hop for having too much excess violence and profanity, the impact it has made on today’s black culture cannot be ignored. For example, the number of young adults fighting crime in the U.S. is on the rise, proving that hip hop history has not only influenced today’s youth but the youth of the past.


Many scholars believe that hip hop music can have a profound empowering effect on young youth. In fact, some parents are buying new record players with hip hop tracks on them because they believe the music will help their children deal with the violence that is so often seen on television and in the movies. While there is plenty of profanity, violence, and lyrical content in rap songs and music videos, hip hop also exhibits many positive traits of being resilient, self-reliant, and self-confidence. Many of today’s youth spend much of their time listening to hip hop music and watching rap videos on the television. In fact, rap and hip hop are so popular that there are entire television stations dedicated to reviewing these cultural trends. Even though there are some negative aspects of the new music, the positive messages can overshadow any negatives.


Thanks to the influence of hip hop, many teenagers today are choosing to be musicians. If you are interested in making a musical career, it is important to keep in touch with the hip hop community. You should become friends with many of the other artists who are making an impact on the charts. By staying in touch with influential members of the hip hop community, you will be able to learn about how your favorite artists are making an impact on the industry. The more you know about hip hop, the better chance you have to create a successful career for yourself.